Against Love

Scene: Pill Scene  //   Role: Girl

“-Taking one of these is not the same as being alive.

-Taking one of these makes being alive better, and that’s how I want to live.”

Against Love is a part of the Against trilogy by the author Esteve Soler. Amongst an obvious gag on what love is supposed to be nowadays, the play is a series of burlesque scenes which maximize to the point of absurd lots of aspects of love through the years.

carla hernando against love

An evil princess which asks her suitor to rip out his mother’s heart, an early bridegroom whose wife breaks into pieces, a miserable girl whose had the bad luck to get his actual ex inside her as if he was a tumor, a young couple addicted to pills which make you fall in love, or a monologue by a pornography producer who’s had lots of bad luck  are some of the scenarios found in this play.

The Girl in the Pill scene is the villain you’d always want to play as an actor. She is smart, daring, and most importantly, she’s aware of her charm and the power of her words.                                                 She knows what she wants, and won’t hesitate on trying a thousand strategies to convince her partner to make her wish be granted, since it’s, of course, all for his own good.

Moreover, all of the production roles were taken by the same actors performing. I took the role of Deputy Stage Manager: managing the schedules, creating drawings on transitions, and taking care of the organisation of the rehearsals. All of this was a great experience to work in a different perspective on theatre production.

Shows: 15th, 16th, 17th December 2016

Director: Pep Garcia-Pasqual

Stage Management Team: Carla Hernando & Marta Bessa

Producer: David Martín

Finance: Fabian Banks

Marketing: Íngrid Fèlix

Sound Design: Anna Colet

Set Design: Zary Santino & Jonas Fischer

Costume Design: Emilia Haljala & Plato Vasatis

Light Design: Rosa Landers


Anna Colet

Carla Hernando

David Martín

Emilia Haljala

Fabian Banks

Íngrid Fèlix

Jonas Fischer

Marta Bessa

Plato Vasatis

Rosa Landers

Zary Santino


Photo credit to Jo Kemp Photography