Drawn to Chaos

“I did not want it. You hear? I did not want it.”

Drawn to Chaos is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed Blood Wedding, By Lorca.

A young girl is lost in a love Odyssey. Now, about to marry the son of a mother in mourning, she finds herself in front of two paths: the direction of her duty, and the drive of her heart.

From a shorter and adapted version of what the original script was, we (three performers and one director) have devised and created a physical theatre show which canalyzes all of the emotions the main character feels throughout the play.

Playing with masks and text combined with movement and constant metaphores, Drawn to Chaos takes the spectator on a simple yet intriguing journey that will give him/her a different perspective on such a passionate and renowned story.

Shows: 1st of March, 18:00h

Venue: Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Director: Carla Hernando


Jonas Fischer

Rebecca Fixemer

Lidia Guillem