Earthquakes in London

Roles: Simon, Mrs. Andrews, Bussinesswoman, Liberty, Dr.Harris

“The enemy is on its way, but this time it doesn’t have guns and gas: it has storms and earthquakes, fire and brimstone…”

Earthquakes in London narrates the story of three sisters from a dysfunctional family and their interaction with everything and everyone that surrounds them. At the same time, their distant father and great scientist, is certain on an imminent global catastrophy.

Directed by the amazing Rob Watt, this production was a big caricaturization of the present time society. Created around a dynamic use of the stage and through the use of grotesque and enhanced images, Earthquakes in London explained a story in a visual and intriguing way.

Five characters: Simon, Mrs. Andrews, Bussinesswoman, Liberty, Dr.Harris. Each one with it’s own rhythm, movement and story. The adrenaline on every show to change from one to the next was at its highest, but how fun and absolutely amazing was the journey with this five characters was also a fact.

Simon, Sarah’s secretary. Mrs. Andrews, a 60 year old lady living with Robert Crannock, A loud and ruthless Businesswoman, a really bitchy Liberty girl and the humble Dr. Harris. A mix of completely different characters to play upon and discover.

Shows: 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th October 2016

Director: Rob Watt

Set & Costume: Valentina Ricci


Anna Colet

Carla Hernando

David Martín

Emilia Haljala

Fabian Banks

Íngrid Fèlix

Jonas Fischer

Marta Bessa

Plato Vasatis

Rosa Landers

Zary Santino


Photo credit to Jo Kemp Photography