Numbers was a devised piece created by us company of actors. It reflected the refugee crisis and embarked the audience on a journey in which they would actually put themselves in the shoes of the unfortunate people who do live these events.

They’d be processed and treated as a number to straight aftewards be listening to monologues created by each one of us the actors. Those monologues would reflect our story, as if we were actual refugees who fled their country. The show was a constant slap and made the audience deeply connect with what was happening, whether they liked it or not.

By the end, two of us would play a song, leading the people to the final part of the show, who, thinking the show was over, would have to deal with a passage of racist jokes, gross images, people spitting, smoking, and painted walls with mean messages on them.

The money gathered with this show was given to a charity helping on the refugee crisis.

Shows: November 2015, February 2016

Guidance by:  Martin Lewton


Anna Colet

Carla Hernando

David Martín

Emilia Haljala

Fabian Banks

Íngrid Fèlix

Jonas Fischer

Marta Bessa

Plato Vasatis

Rosa Landers

Zary Santino