The Good Soul of Szechuan

Roles: First God, Child

"You did find someone! She took us in and watched over us as we slept. You found our good person for us. A Good Soul of Szechuan."

In The Good Soul of Szechuan we meet Shen Te, the last good soul remaining on earth, who, as the play goes through, Shen Te will be victim of invasion, theft, verbal abuse and abandonment making the young girl create an alter ego, Shui Ta, to be able to survive in this so corrupted world.

The three Gods are the ones chosen to go down to earth to look for a good person, and though they at first take the mission with innocent joy, they too get increasingly wretched the more experiences they encounter in this world.


Shows: 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th of February 2017

Director: Andrew McKinnon


Anna Colet

Carla Hernando

David Martín

Emilia Haljala

Fabian Banks

Íngrid Fèlix

Jonas Fischer

Marta Bessa

Plato Vasatis

Rosa Landers

Zary Santino

Photo credit to Jo Kemp Photography