A theatrical journey about vulnerability

How fragile are we? How vulnerable is, deep down, each one of us? How many times do we actually get to show that?

Out of the original idea of Diana Llapart grows Morle. A devised and very much physical and interactive piece about how human beings connect with one another. Morle is us, the people, the world and how we relate to it.

Control, fear, and limits, but also joy and wit. All of these, connected with the not-so-distant story of a young girl will be some of the things that she, bearing with her vivid memories, will discover throughout this powerful and immersive journey.

But, how much of this journey is only hers, and not ours?

Morle's opening night will be on September the 7th in Barcelona, and tickets are 5€. It will be on up to the 16th of September. For more info, you can contact the team by e-mail ( or through their social media: Facebook (@welcometoMORLE), Instagram (@welcometomorle).

You can now reserve your tickets Here.



Shows: 7th, 8th, 14th and 16th of September 2017

Venue: AMTH, Barcelona. View on Google Maps.

Original idea: Diana Llapart

Devised and Created by: Marta Bessa, Carla Hernando, Paula Ortiz

Set and Costume: Marta Bessa, Carla Hernando, Paula Ortiz

Video: Paula Ortiz

Sound: Marta Bessa

Dramaturgy: Carla Hernando

Production: AMTH.

Photography: Indigophoto


Marta Bessa

Carla Hernando

Paula Ortiz