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Las Hermanas Verán

To be premiered at the Teatre Principal de Mallorca in Spring 2019, Las Hermanas Verán talks about the course of time and the things that once were there and now aren't anymore.

In this video installation presented at the CICLOP Festival of Mallorca, we see a woman, blind by bird feathers, moving skillfully while showing the back and forth quality of time. After a strong choreography, accompanied by a sinister though resonant music, everything stops. And behind the curtain we were watching the video on, we see the bird showed in the beginning, and a figure moving in space with the same clothes the woman dancing in the video had. Is she the same person?

With this piece Andrea displayed  the fragility of time, always on the fringe of balance, and how things that are supposedly not alive anymore, still resonate. Still live, somehow.


Created by: Andrea Cruz and Sihaya Buisán

Performed by: Andrea Cruz, Carla Hernando

Presented at CICLOP Festival