Role: Ana

»Your… friends… They were looking for the way out. And you’ve condemned that boy by leaving him locked in that room. Do you think they’ll ever forgive you when they know?»

Three young students (Sara, Ana, and David) get lost in the middle of a forest as night falls. Trying to get back on track, they come across a gloomy and apparently abandoned house. Oblitum. Once they’re in, as laberynthic, cursed and space-altered the place is, they will have to find the strength to stay together and escape.

Ana is the more straight-forward person of the three. Resorceful, quick and sharp would be some adjectives that could describe her. Though she starts the film being as secure as she could be, there is a clear development on how, little by little, she gets wrecked by the every single minute spent in that house.

Writer: Edu Abad

Directors: Edu Abad & Bruna Buxeda

Camera: Mireia Martín

Translation: Carla Hernando